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Yvonne Roache

Yvonne Roache

Yvonne Roache, IT Sligo

Yvonne Roache has been working as the Health and Wellbeing Officer in IT Sligo since 2006 and in January 2021 moved to the role of Health and Wellbeing Officer. 

Yvonne’s interest in Health and Wellbeing ironically come from her own experience with ill health. “Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. MS is a chronic neurological condition and there is no cure”, Yvonne explains.  “My first few years living with MS were rough to say the least, my two daughters were very young, I was in and out of hospital two or three times a year until finally I started on a treatment that slowed down my disease progression. In 2015 I made the decision to go from a full-time role to working a three-day week.  IT Sligo also facilitated me by agreeing to let me to work from home one of those days (before it became the norm). These adjustments have allowed me to keep working while managing my MS and the challenges it brings”.

Lillian is now almost a year in her new role at IT Sligo and is very happy. “I absolutely love it, I even decided to go back to college myself and learn more about the area of workplace wellbeing. I am in the final stages of my MA in Leadership in Workplace Health & Wellbeing in TUS.  My daughters look to me as their role model, I hope that they see that despite the challenges of being a single working mother, living with a chronic illness that you can still grow and make a meaningful impact in your work and life. For them and for myself I strive to #BreakTheBias”.


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