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Vicky Matthew

Vicky Matthew

Vicky Matthew, IT Sligo

Vicky Matthew from Ballyshannon in County Donegal is a full-time student at IT Sligo, studying Sport with Business.  Vicky hopes to complete a master’s degree after she graduates and go on to become a lecturer.  Vicky has championed the rights of people with disabilities in Ireland and Europe. Before coming to IT Sligo, she successfully campaigned for a wheelchair-accessible bus to be used on the route between her hometown and college and for the allocation of wheelchair-accessible buses nationwide.  She has since made representations to Government and the European Parliament highlighting basic access rights for people with disabilities.  Vicky has advocated for the rights and needs of students with disabilities by calling for real inclusion on campus, promotion of support, and accessible student accommodation.  Currently, she is working on a campaign to remove the stigma around disclosing disabilities to access supports available to third-level students in higher education.  She wants to encourage more students with disabilities to enrol in higher education and to access supports available to them which will help them through their academic studies.

Vicky is a force of nature who continues to champion the causes of others through campaigns and support groups.


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