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Dr Salem S. Gharbia

Dr Salem S. Gharbia

Lecturer in Water Science and Principal Investigator at ATU  Sligo

Dr Salem S. Gharbia is the leader of the H2020 SCORE project. He is also a Lecturer in Water Science and a Principal Investigator at ATU Sligo. Water resources, climate change and integrated environmental systems modelling with Geographic Information System (GIS) are his main fields of interest.  Dr Gharbia has excelled and been distinguished in all his studies, and he has received many awards and grants such as Trinity College's prestigious Ussher award for his novel PhD research. Dr Gharbia has over 40 research publications in the last five years, and he secured circa Euro 11M in research funding over the previous 5 years.

Participating in or leading an EU-funded research project is an extremely rewarding experience; the collective research impact that one can achieve together with the European and international partners is very significant and, in my opinion, cannot be achieved through other opportunities within the same timeframe. One of the main advantages is the wide network of research partners and facilities to which researchers can get exposed through EU-funded projects. For me, taking part in this mentoring programme is to ensure that I share my experience on approaching EU funding programs and all the available supporting mechanisms for researchers to start their journey in securing EU research funding.


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