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Press Releases

Technological Higher Education Association: Statement of Academic Continuity

Posted on: 24 Mar 2020

The eleven institutes of technology, represented by THEA, are working together to protect the health and welfare of our students and staff. 

Arrangements for virtual meetings of our member networks, including the Council of Presidents and the Council of Registrars, have been put in place to coordinate the development of detailed institutional contingency plans and risk mitigation measures to meet the unprecedented challenge of the Covid 19 public health crisis. 

This cohesive approach allows for the sharing of information and good practice, and is informed by principles that aim to protect the wellbeing of our students, that ensure they are supported in completing their studies in a timely and appropriate manner, and that have full regard to the advice and guidelines of the public health authorities. In this context, we are committed to maintaining the academic integrity of our awards and the maintenance of our standards.  

Each institute, utilising its academic governance and quality assurance structures, is developing and implementing the necessary changes to ensure the delivery of the curriculum and the appropriate assessment arrangements.  All institutes have moved to online delivery, and have established training and other supports for staff and students to ensure that the quality of the teaching and learning is maintained.  Assessment is being designed in support of the national health guidelines and to ensure that social distancing rules are respected. The emphasis will be on establishing that the programme learning outcomes are satisfied, with particular attention being given to those assessments that will determine the award of degrees and other qualifications. 

To this end, all programme teams are checking that the necessary changes are calibrated against the standards set out in the established programme documentation. Changes to assessment schedules will be pedagogically and academically sound, will be approved by the institution’s academic council, and will be communicated directly to students in a timely manner. 


For more information, please contact: Dr Jim Murray, Director of Academic Affairs, THEA: jim.murray@thea.ie


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