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Institute of Technology Tallaght launches its new Office for Business & Industry – OBI

Posted on: 29 Jun 2018

Institute of Technology Tallaght launches its new  Office for Business & Industry – OBI

Institute to Technology Tallaght (ITT), in collaboration with the Dublin Regional Skills Forum (DRSF), today announced the launch of its new Office for Business & Industry (OBI).

OBI represents a significant investment by the Institute in response to the fast-changing needs of the economy and of employers in the South Dublin region and beyond. Importantly, it creates a “one-stop-shop” through which employers can identify and access Institute-based expertise, educational and research capabilities.

Speaking at today’s launch event, Institute President, Mr. Thomas Stone, commented:

“IT Tallaght has always sought to contribute to the development of the economic, social and cultural life of our region. In the 25 years since our foundation in 1992, we have sought to engage closely with employers, to understand and prioritise their needs, and to act as a vehicle for economic growth and development.”

“OBI represents a significant next stage of this journey. The new office provides a conduit to the entirety of our academic and research expertise, irrespective of discipline area or of association to a particular Academic School, Department or Research Centre. It will enable us to better support our employer stakeholders and to continue to invest in strategic and enduring relationships. Most importantly, by strengthening employer linkages, OBI will serve to create new and even greater opportunities for our students, graduates and staff.”

Welcoming this initiative on behalf of the Dublin Regional Skills Forum (DRSF), Siobhán Kinsella, Chairperson, stated:

“We are delighted to partner with IT Tallaght in the launch of this important new initiative. OBI is a great example of the type of high impact initiative that we have sought to foster within the forum. We see OBI as having the potential to transform the process of industry-academic engagement, by helping to break down or even eliminate barriers to partnership and engagement.”

“We congratulate IT Tallaght on this initiative and look forward to collaborating towards its future promotion and success.”

For more information please visit OBI at www.it-tallaght.ie/obi or reach us on Tel: +353 1 4042533 or Email: obi@it-tallaght.ie.


Notes for Editors:

About OBI – IT Tallaght’s Office for Business & Industry

A new initiative from Institute of Technology Tallaght, OBI underpins the Institute’s commitment to its employer partner base. It facilitates access to the depth and breadth of Institute expertise via a single and readily accessible office – a “one-stop-shop”.

  • Hire a graduate or work placement student
  • Solve a research problem and access state sponsored research funding
  • Upskill your workforce, access CPD or develop a customised programme
  • Access specialist expertise or services
  • Access high-end scientific and engineering equipment

Whatever the need, OBI is ready to engage and explore the best solution across the full gamut of IT Tallaght provision in education, research and innovation.

  1. Engineering – Electronics, Mechanical, Energy & Environmental
  2. Computing, Software & ICT
  3. Applied Science – Bio-Pharmaceutical, Biological, Chemical and Analytical Sciences
  4. Business & Humanities – Management, Marketing, Advertising & Communications, Creative Digital Media, Accounting & Professional Studies, Culinary Arts
  5. Research Office & Technology Gateway
  6. Careers Office and Student Work Placement
  7. Office of Technology Transfer & Knowledge Exchange

About Institute of Technology Tallaght

Institute of Technology Tallaght is to the centre of higher education and knowledge creation within South Dublin County and its environs. It seeks to broaden participation in higher education in the region, to be recognised as a leader in supporting research and commercial innovation, and to assist in the advancement of the economic, social and cultural life of the region. The Institute offers a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, to almost 6,000 students, on a full time and part time basis, and is a leading provider of opportunities in adult education and lifelong learning. For more information please visit www.it-tallaght.ie.

About the Dublin Regional Skills Forum (DRSF)

The Dublin Regional Skills Forum (DRSF) is part of a national network supported by the Department of Education and Skills (DES) focused on fostering stronger links between enterprise and education and training providers. DRSF Partners meet on a quarterly basis to develop plans for each sector in collaboration with key industry bodies which ensures our focus remains on skills and development of the region through collaboration and meaningful engagement. Please visit www.regionalskills.ie/Regions/dublin/.

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