WIT TSSG Case Studies

The TSSG (Telecommunications Software & Systems Group) Gateway

The TSSG (Telecommunications Software & Systems Group) Gateway funded by Enterprise Ireland is based in Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT). TSSG is an advanced software R&D Centre providing industry with access to cutting-edge knowledge and solutions in advanced mobiles services and service enablers.  TSSG completed over 120 projects over the past five years with companies based in Ireland and created 10 startups such as FeedHenry, ZolkC and Kodacall.

One of TSSG’s industry projects was undertaken with SocialFeedia, a technology platform in the personalised nutrition space focused on keeping healthy people healthy.  SocialFeedia is based on a fusion of ground-breaking technologies which will have the ability to optimize a person’s nutritional intake based on their genetic make-up.  Social Feedia approached TSSG for assistance to develop a platform which would help Co Ops of farmers understand what consumers actually want through their purchasing behaviour. This allows farmers to focus on what they love most: producing great food sustainably and profitably.

As a result of the project with TSSG, SocialFeedia are now in a position whereby they have a complete user analysis and user experience (UX) strategy which includes a set of low fidelity wireframes for the primary users. This allows SocialFeedia to further explore the business concept and build upon this strategy to translate into a working commercial product.

Mel Clohessy, founder SocialFeedia spoke about the outcomes of the research project ‘TSSG and Social Feedia applied a step by step approach to the project to find the hidden value. Working with the team in TSSG has been a gamechanger for us as they continue to support us throughout our start-up journey.‘

Fall detection and avoidance is a key issue for residential nursing care facilities such as HavenWood based in Co. Waterford.  Falls by elderly residents have a massive impact on health and health outcomes. Havenwood worked with TSSG to scope a better solution to the PIR sensor-based nurse calling system currently used in many facilities.  This solution is powered by means of an adaptor and conveys limited information to staff, requiring advance knowledge by the team of which rooms have the units. 

The work completed by TSSG has given HavenWood a better understanding of products and technology available which will enable the company to further invest in their sensor-based nursing calling system. This improvement in technology will enhance their ethos of providing personal attention to detail by increasing fall detection thereby increasing patient care.

Two other Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways are based at WIT; SEAM (South Eastern Applied Materials Research Centre) and PMBRC (Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre).  All three of WIT’s three technology gateways were awarded a share of the 6m Capital Equipment Fund administered by Enterprise Ireland through the Technology Gateway Network Programme.  TSSG will receive funding for a Mixed Reality Innovation Lab (which includes Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality).  SEAM was awarded funding for a Materials Analysis Suite.  PMBRC’s application for an X-Ray Diffractometer was also successful.