LYIT Wisar

Truck intruder detection system

Journey Protector, an Internet of Things (IoT) security solution for the logistics industry, wished to tackle the problem of migrants stowing away on trucks. Currently, solutions rely on an alert being sent to a truck driver when an intruder is detected within the truck. The responsibility then lies with the truck driver to raise the alarm. In some instances, it has been known for drivers to collude with migrants.

The company wished to develop a system to automatically detect the presence of people in the truck to the company and authorities directly of an intrusion, removing the driver’s responsibility to handle the alert. The company approached the Wireless Sensor Applied Research Centre (WiSAR) to develop a prototype system funded by Innovation Vouchers and direct funding. WiSAR is an Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway which provides solutions to industry using expertise in wireless, embedded systems and related software.

How Gateway delivered the solution:

The project used low power sensors and novel detection methodologies to reliably detect the presence of stowaways in the confines of a cargo truck. A low power IoT communications method was used in the project to send sensor data, alerts and location data from the device to the cloud, removing any dependence from the driver.  An IoT dashboard was also developed which displays the status of each device, sensor data and alert conditions. The hardware and related IoT dashboard provided a functional prototype system to demonstrate the concept and enabled the company to secure the next stage in their product development.