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Verus Metrology Partners – An I.T Sligo Success Story

Michael Nugent, Yvette Haughey and Andrew Hodson Verus Metrology

Situated at one of Ireland’s leading third-level institutions, IT Sligo’s Innovation Centre has been an instrumental part of many entrepreneurial success stories. This is exactly the case for world-leading turnkey metrology solutions provider - Verus Metrology Partners.

Formally Verus Precision, the leading metrology expert company was born out of the discovery of a niche in the market for sub-contract metrology. Coming to fruition in 2008, it culminated in the establishment of the first-ever independent metrology house solely providing sub-contract metrology. Now known as Verus Metrology Partners, the ground-breaking business idea is today a thriving metrology solution, providing metrology services to many of the world's leading MedTech and Pharmaceutical companies.

But who are the masterminds behind this revolutionary business offering? I.T Sligo graduates Andrew Hodson and Michael Nugent formulated the innovative business idea together after noticing a gap in metrology services being provided at the time. Originally toolmakers by trade, both Andrew and Michael graduated from I.T Sligo, before furthering their expertise in their respective fields of Moldflow Analysis, Injection Mould Tool Design & Manufacture and Fixture Design, Manufacture & Assembly.

Starting as a ‘Metrology Hot Desk’, Verus Metrology Partners accredits the Innovation Centre as the starting point in getting their idea off the ground. Providing necessary guidance, encouragement and mentoring skills, the one-stop facility for entrepreneurs gave the business the resources it needed to bring the idea into reality. The Innovation Centre assisted Andrew and Michael in nurturing their start-up, offering practical advice on sources of funding, training opportunities, consultancy and online learning.

The start-up quickly began to accelerate during its development stage and soon more help was needed. This brought about the employment of two specialist Product Design Engineers and an expert Metrology Engineer. Yvette Haughey an I.T Sligo International Marketing & Languages graduate became the Account Administrator also. An invaluable and well-respected asset to the company, Yvette is now the Group Strategy and Finance Director.   On the marketing team today are Tracey Flynn and Rachel Smith who are graduates of the School of Business and Social Sciences.  Rachel is also currently a student of the MSc. In Marketing at the Institute.

From humble beginnings at the Innovation Centre at I.T Sligo, Verus Metrology has since become a company of global status. Now with their Headquarters in Cleveragh in Sligo and a highly efficient Metrology lab in Nottingham U.K., their commitment has resulted in double digit annual growth along with a customer base of international stature. They recently opened their Research & Development facility in Aughamore.

Verus were also recently awarded Best in Technology at the 2019 Sligo Business Awards, further giving credit to their innovative metrology fixturing solutions and sub-contract metrology services.   The founders are keen to credit their success however, down to the expert team around them, twelve of whom are I.T Sligo graduates in Industrial Design, Toolmaking, Biomedical Science, Engineering, Business and Marketing.