IADT ThinScale

Internationally Scaling – ThinScale Technology Flying from the Media Cube nest

Remko Weijnen – ThinScale Board Member, Brendan Kiely – ThinScale Managing Director, David Coombes – ThinScale Technical Director

ThinScale Technology have developed software that truly delivers remote working and secure endpoints to the modern digital workplace. They are one of the fastest growing technology companies in this sector globally and operate across 22 countries. They have been totally bootstrapped to date and are now taking the next step in building an international company, working with Enterprise Ireland in growing their presence across multiple jurisdictions.  

The flagship software for ThinScale is ThinKiosk, which was designed to assist in the repurposing of pcs into thin clients.  It then evolved into being a ‘Software Defined Thin Client’ delivering uniform Security, Management and End User Experience across Windows endpoint estates.  The latest evolution of ThinKiosk is ‘Secure Remote Worker’, enabling secure remote and home working, on personal Windows devices ensuring corporate level endpoint security and compliance. The company sold their first Enterprise licence in 2013 and now employ 15 team members based at the Media Cube. The Media Cube incubation centre at Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design + Technology supports emerging start-up companies in the technology, creative and cultural sectors.  

The company was listed and ranked 4th in the Deloitte ‘Fast 50 Awards in 2017 and won the “Emerging Company of the Year” prize at the 2018 Technology Ireland awards. ThinScale’s CEO, Brendan Kiely is currently completing Enterprise Ireland’s International Selling Programme 2019-2020. In line with their continued expansion they are gearing up to fly the Media Cube nest in the first quarter of 2020.