GMIT Aquavitae Colin Hannon

AquaVitae Project: Developing Atlantic Ocean aquaculture production in a sustainable way

GMIT has furthered their international aquaculture research collaboration with the commencement in June 2019 of the AquaVitae Project funded under Horizon 2020.   This All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Flagship project consists of 36 full partners from Europe, North America, Brazil and South Africa. And has been awarded a total of €8 million funding. 

The overall objective of AquaVitae is to increase aquaculture production in and around the Atlantic Ocean in a sustainable way by developing new and emerging low trophic species and by optimising production in existing aquaculture value chains. 

GMIT leads AquaVitae work packages related to Hatchery/seedling production, which constitutes the beginning of the value chain for most production species. These research and innovation activities are led by Dr Colin Hannon of the Marine & Freshwater Research Centre at GMIT. 

For further information on the AquaVitae project and contact details: