CIT Nimbus and Clarke Analytics work to develop ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

Clarke Analytics Ltd is a wholly owned Irish consulting and training company specialising in data analytics and data science.

Dave and Helen Clarke, founders of Clarke Analytics

From January 1st, 2021, CIT and IT Tralee have been designated Munster Technological University.

Clarke Analytics Ltd is a wholly owned Irish consulting and training company specialising in data analytics and data science. The company was set up in October 2016 by Dave and Helen Clarke to address industry needs in this space. 

Having worked in the data industry for many years, Dave recognized the challenges that company executives across all industries faced in leveraging their data assets effectively for business benefit. Increasingly, executives now have the added pressure of ensuring that wherever they use AI, it is used in an ethical and trustworthy way. Following the publication of Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) by the European Commission in April 2019, Clarke Analytics intend to develop a software platform solution to independently assess the compliance of AI algorithms employed in industry. 

The EU guidelines put forward a set of 7 key requirements that AI systems should meet to be deemed trustworthy including Privacy & Data Governance, Technical Robustness & Safety and Non-Discrimination & Fairness.  The EU guidelines state that trustworthy AI should be lawful (respecting all applicable laws and regulations), ethical (respecting ethical principles and values) and robust (from a technical perspective, considering its social environment). 

In conjunction with the Nimbus AI team at CIT, Clarke Analytics are currently developing a proof-of-concept prototype to address the interpretability of AI used against a corporate data set. This will freely and autonomously appraise if a company is ethical in its application of AI technology and if an AI algorithm is making an ethical decision. 

Clarke Analytics envisages that this work will “help their clients better understand how to use their data for business value” and to eliminate any inherent bias that may be within an employed AI solution. This is to “give our customers confidence in their data analysis outcomes i.e. that any software analysis isn’t prejudiced”.   

Dave speaks about Clarke Analytics engagement with Nimbus,  

“The work being delivered by the Nimbus Technology Gateway is pivotal to new Clarke Analytics Ltd services and offerings. Conor and his team have been very innovative and the whole experience to date has certainly been worthwhile, amazing value and rewarding. We are currently planning further projects with the Nimbus Technology Gateway for 2020 and beyond.” 

Nimbus is part of the Technology Gateway network and is funded by Enterprise Ireland in partnership with 11 Institutes of Technologies nationwide. It provides close-to-market technology solutions that allow companies to develop new products, processes and services by leveraging the research expertise available within each Institute of Technology.