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Engagement is a core activity for the technological higher education sector. Engagement aims to link teaching and learning and research and innovation closely together, creating partnerships with business, industry, civic and international organisations, and enabling students and staff to reach out into the community. Delivering engagement places the sector at the centre of social, civic, political and economic activities in their local communities. It also assists the Institutes in fulfilling their mission to produce work-ready graduates who are prepared for roles responding to regional and national economic and societal needs.

Engagement Stakeholders

The main stakeholder groups in the Institutes' engagement agenda are:

  • Learners – at all stages of their lifelong learning journey, from prospective student to alumnus and everything in-between
  • Staff – including academic, professional, management and support staff
  • Business and enterprise – regionally and nationally
  • Civic and community partners
  • Higher Education partners - other Higher Education Institutions and representative bodies
  • International partners
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