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Nhu Nguyen

Nhu Nguyen

Nhu Nguyen, Senior International Student Ambassador, LYIT

Nhu Nguyen has been committed to breaking the bias against women from an early age. Born into a society that valued boys more than girls, Nhu’s parents encouraged herself and her sister to break the bias for themselves. 

"My parents gave birth to two daughters in a society that countless times told my parents to try for a boy. However, they were more than happy with the two of us, my sister and I. We are never a regret of our parent but rather their pride and treasure. Vietnamese women are traditionally expected to put their families on top of their priorities, over other things such as education, passions, or hobbies. But our parents have always encouraged me to do things that girls are not supposed to do like raising my voice and expressing my feelings, pursuing knowledges, being a leader, and stepping out of my comfort zone to do things that I wish to instead of being told what to do”.

Thanks to all their support, I am designing my own life: travelling and exploring the world, studying higher in the field of my passion, and overall, being confident in being a girl. Big change can start from small and everyday life' acts. I set a good role model for my younger sister as well as other girl cousins in my extended family. My team of International Student Ambassadors in LYIT is a balance of male and female members, and we initiate many projects to cultivate and promote inclusion and diversity in the college”.


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