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National Research and Innovation Centres

National Research and Innovation Centres

The Technological Higher Education Institutions (THEIs) are active participants in National R&I Centres, working with enterprise, community and academic partners to deliver impact in areas of key economic and societal development.

Technology Gateways

The THEIs have partnered with Enterprise Ireland to establish a nationwide network of 15 Technology Gateways. The Gateways offer an access point for Irish enterprise to the research and innovation expertise of the THEIs, who can provide them with the R&I solutions that they need for their business. Each Technology Gateway is linked to an established research centre within its parent THEI, and the network covers a wide breath of research themes. It is complemented by two clusters which provide a single point of contact for enterprise into a consortium of Technology Gateways working on distinct aspects of an R&I thematic area. Those clusters are Applied IOT (Internet of Things) and EMD Ireland (Engineering Materials & Design). Details of the location and research themes of each Gateway can be found in the map below, and at www.technologygateway.ie

SFI Research Centres

The Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Research Centres are academic-led Centres based in Higher Education Institutions, focusing on research excellence, enterprise and community collaboration, talent development and enhancing Ireland’s economy and international reputation. The THEIs are active partners in over half of the 17 SFI Research Centres. In addition to being founder-members of Centres, the THEIs are also continually joining up to established Centres, in particular by capitalising on the THEIs strong R&I links with enterprise. Details of the SFI Centres in which each THEI is participating can be found in the map below. More information on SFI Research Centres can be found at http://www.sfi.ie/sfi-research-centres/

Technology Centres

The Technology Centres are enterprise-led R&I centres, established by Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland in partnership with Higher Education Institutions and other state-funded research performing organisations. The Technology Centres allow Irish companies and multinationals to link with highly-qualified researchers to work together in developing new and innovative technologies that will enhance the competitiveness of those companies and create new jobs. The THEIs are active partners in two-thirds of the 14 Technology Centres, with participation growing as new Technology Centres are formed.  More information the Technology Centres can be found at https://www.enterprise-ireland.com/en/research-innovation/companies/collaborate-with-companies-research-institutes/technology-centres.html.


Institute Technology Gateway (Research Area) SFI Centre (Research Area) Technology Centre (Research Area)
Athlone APT (Polymer Technologies), COMAND (Connected Media) Confirm (Smart Manufacturing), SSPC (Pharmaceutical Process Innovation) IC4 (Cloud Computing and Commerce), iCOMP (Composites/Materials)
Carlow DESIGN+ (Applied Design)    
Cork CAPPA (Photonics), TEC (Embedded Systems) APC (Gastrointestinal Health), Connect (Future Networks), IPIC (Photonics Integration), Marei (Marine & Renewable Energy), Confirm (Smart Manufacturing) PMTC (Pharmaceutical Manufacturing), MCCI (Microelectronic Circuits), IERC (Energy)
Dublin CREST (Coatings Innovations) Adapt (Digital Content), Connect (Future Networks) IERC (Energy), CeADAR (Data Analytics), DTPC (Dairy Technology), MTC (Meat Technology)
Dundalk   Lero (Software), Marei (Marine & Renewable Energy)  
Galway-Mayo MET (Medical & Engineering Technologies)    
Limerick Shannon ABC (Applied Biotechnology) Confirm (Smart Manufacturing) IERC (Energy)
Letterkenny WiSAR (Wireless Solutions)    
Sligo PEM (Precision Engineering & Manufacturing) I-Form (Advanced Manufacturing)  
Tallaght MICRA (Biodiagnostics)   PMTC (Pharmaceutical Manufacturing), DTPC (Dairy Technology)
Tralee Shannon ABC (Applied Biotechnology), IMaR (Intelligent Mechatronics & RFID) Lero (Software)  
Waterford MSTG (Mobile Services), PMBRC (Pharmaceutical & Healthcare), SEAM (Applied Materials) Connect (Future Networks), SSPC (Pharmaceutical Process Innovation), I-Form (Advanced Manufacturing), FutureMilk (Dairy Technology) PMTC (Pharmaceutical Manufacturing), Learnovate (E-learning)
THEA AppliedIOT Cluster (Internet of Things), EMD Cluster (Engineering, Materials and Design)