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International Women's Day 2020

International Women's Day 2020


AIT: Dr Margaret Fournet CIT: Andrea Bickerdike  |  CIT: Dr Brigid Lucey  |  CIT: Dr Fiona O Halloran  |  DkIT: Dr. Caroline Sheedy  |  DkIT: Dr. Julie Doyle  |  DkIT: Dr Suzanne Linnane   |  DkIT: Professor Eleanor Jennings  |  GMIT: Dr Heather T Lally  |  IADT: Cecily Brennan   |  IADT: Dr Therese Moylan  |  Dr Tina Kinsella  |  IT Carlow: Dr Thomaé Kakouli-Duarte IT Sligo: Dr Marion McAfee  |  IT Tralee: Catherine Carty  |  LIT: Dr Claire Meaney  |  LIT: Jacqueline Humphries  |  LIT: Dr Lisa O'Rourke Scott  |  LIT: Dr Rita Scully  |  LIT: Shelley Ann McCarthy Buckingham  |  LIT: Dr. Tracy Fahey  |  LYIT: Dr Grainne Ketelaar  |  LYIT: Shagufta Henna  |  LYIT: Dr Sharon McLoughlin  |  WIT: Dr Deirdre Kilbane  |  WIT: Frances Cleary  |  WIT: Dr Gillian Gardener  |  WIT: Dr Rebecca Power  |  WIT: Dr Una Kealy 

Dr Margaret Brennan Fournet, AIT

Dr Margaret Fournet is an experienced and Inspiring Physics Lecturer at AIT with 15 years demonstrated delivery of world-class collaborative research projects

Dr Margaret Fournet

Andrea Bickerdike, CIT

Andrea Bickerdike is a lecturer and PhD candidate in CIT

Andrea Bickerdike

Dr Brigid Lucey, CIT

Dr Brigid Lucey, FACSLM, FIBMS, PG Dip TLHE, FRCPath, Senior Lecturer, Biological Sciences, CIT & President of the Academy of Clinical Science & Laboratory Medicine

Dr Brigid Lucey

Dr Fiona O Halloran, CIT

Dr Fiona O Halloran is a Principal Investigator in the NutRI Research group in CIT

Dr Fiona O Halloran

Dr Caroline Sheedy, DkIT

Dr Caroline Sheedy is a lecturer in the Deparment of Computing Science and Mathematics in Dundalk Institute of Technology

Dr Caroline Sheedy

Dr Julie Doyle, DkIT

Julie is the Director of Netwell CASALA, an applied research centre on ageing and digital health, based in Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Dr Julie Doyle

Dr Suzanne Linnane

Dr Suzanne Linnane is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Life & Health Sciences at Dundalk Institute of Technology and leads the ‘Water, Communities and Development’ theme in the Centre for Freshwater and Environmental Studies in DkIT

Dr Suzanne Linnane

Professor Eleanor Jennings

Professor Eleanor Jennings is a research professor and director of Centre for Freshwater and Environmental Studies (CFES) at Dundalk Institute of Technology

Professor Eleanor Jennings

Dr Heather Lally, GMIT

Dr Heather T Lally is a lecturer in freshwater ecology and biology on the BSc (Hons) in Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

Dr Heather T Lally

Cecily Brennan

Cecily Brennan is an internationally renowned artist and inspiring political artist who lectures on the BA (Hons) Art programme at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire (IADT)

Cecily Brennan

Dr Therese Moylan, IADT

Dr Therese Moylan, Head of Department of Entrepreneurship @ IADT and Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee

Dr Therese Moylan

Dr Tina Kinsella, IADT

Dr Tina Kinsella is Head of Department of Design and Visual Arts in the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire (IADT) and Research Fellow at the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies, Trinity College Dublin.

Dr Tina Kinsella

Dr Thomaé Kakouli-Duarte, IT Carlow

Dr Thomaé Kakouli-Duarte is Director of Research, enviroCORE at Institute of Technology Carlow

Dr Thomaé Kakouli-Duarte

Dr Marion McAfee, IT Sligo

Dr McAfee has been a lecturer in the fields of Engineering Dynamics and Control at IT Sligo since 2006

Dr Marion McAfee

Catherine Carty, IT Tralee

Catherine Carty is Project Manager for the UNESCO Chair ‘Transforming the lives of People with Disabilities their Families and Communities in Physical Education, Sport, Fitness & Recreation’ at IT Tralee.

Catherine Carty

Dr Claire Meaney, LIT

Dr. Claire Meaney is a lecturer in the Mechanical and Automobile Engineering department, Limerick Institute of Technology

Dr Claire Meaney

Jacqueline Humphries, LIT

Jacqueline is a Computing Engineer with experience in both the public and private sectors in IT, technical services and data systems

Jacqueline Humphries

Dr. Lisa ORourke Scott, LIT

Dr. Lisa ORourke Scott is Principal Investigator, Genders and Sexualities Research Group

Dr Lisa O'Rourke Scott

Dr Rita Scully, LIT

Dr Rita Scully, Lecturer in the Department of the Built Environment, LIT

Dr Rita Scully

Shelley Ann McCarthy Buckingham

Shelley Ann McCarthy Buckingham is a post graduate research student at LIT

Shelley Ann McCarthy Buckingham

Dr Tracey Fahy, LIT

Dr. Tracy Fahey is Head of Department in Fine Art and runs the research centre ACADEMY in Limerick School of Art and Design, LIT

Dr Tracy Fahey

Dr Grainne Ketelaar, LYIT

Dr Grainne Ketelaar is Lecturer in the Dept of Nursing & Health Studies, LYIT

Dr Grainne Ketelaar

Dr Shagufta Henna, LYIT

Dr Shagufta Henna is an assistant lecturer with the Department of Computing Letterkenny Institute of Technology, LYIT

Dr Shagufta Henna

Dr Sharon McLoughlin, LYIT

Sharon McLaughlin is a legal researcher and law lecturer in the Department of Law and Humanities, Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT).

Dr Sharon McLoughlin

Dr Deirdre Kilbane, WIT

Dr Deirdre Kilbane is a Senior Research Fellow, Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG), Waterford Institute of Technology

Dr Deirdre Kilbane

Frances Cleary, WIT

Frances Clear is Research Division Manager, Mobile Ecosystem and Pervasive Sensing Group (MEPS), Telecommunications, Software & Systems Group (TSSG), Waterford Institute of Technology

Frances Cleary

Dr Gillian Gardiner, WIT

Dr. Gillian Gardiner is Lecturer & Research lead in Dept of Science, School of Science & Computing Waterford Institute of Technology

Gillian Gardiner

Dr Rebecca Power, WIT

Dr Rebecca Power is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Nutrition Research Centre Ireland, School of Health Sciences, Waterford Institute of Technology

Rebecca Power

Dr Úna Kealy, WIT

Dr Úna Kealy is Lecturer & Principal Investigator in the Department of Creative and Performing Arts, School of Humanities, Waterford Institute of Technology

Dr Úna Kealy

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