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Enterprise Engagement and Professional Education

Enterprise Engagement and Professional Education

THEA’s member institutions habitually connect, communicate and collaborate across their regions and the enterprise sectors they serve. They do this responsively in pursuit of the goal of developing knowledge-in-use, which they embed in a wide-range of taught and research programmes, that are delivered by their staff to meet the needs of regional and national enterprise. 

This fundamental mission has recently been restated and reaffirmed in the Technological Universities Act 2018 (section 9), which requires such institutions to:

  • provide programmes of education and training that reflect the needs of individuals, business, enterprise, the professions, the community, local interests and other stakeholders in the region in which the campuses of the technological university are located 
  • support entrepreneurship, enterprise development and innovation in business, enterprise and the professions through teaching and the conduct of research
  • collaborate with business, enterprise, the professions, the community, local interests and related stakeholders in the region ... to promote the involvement of those stakeholders in the design and delivery of programmes of education and training.

Through their collaborations with enterprise, THEA’s members create dynamic and flexible curricula, that support economic development, especially within their own regions; and which develop adaptable and professionally-ready graduates that are distinguished by their ability to create and use knowledge in the workplace, to act in entrepreneurial and innovative ways  and to engage in ongoing learning.