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Brid Mc Elligott, MTU

Brid Mc Elligott, MTU

Brid Mc Elligott, Vice President for Research, Development and External Engagement, MTU, Kerry Campus

Brid Mc Elligott is the Vice President for Research, Development and External Engagement at the Munster Technological University. Brid is a graduate of UL where she completed both her Degree and Masters specialising in business and entrepreneurship. Her portfolio at the university affords her the opportunity to work with an extensive range of stakeholders and includes research development, national and international student recruitment, marketing and communications, life-long learning and campus development. Coming from a background where both her parents were self-employed, enterprise is an area she is extremely passionate about. “I grew up in a household where both my parents were self-employed, so the challenges and opportunities associated owning and running a successful business was evident to me from a young age. I am also fortunate to oversee the management of the Tom Crean Business Centre located at the North Campus of the MTU. This is home to circa 30 new and growing businesses and is also home to the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers Programme where annually I have the opportunity to work with a number of entrepreneurs as they grow and scale their businesses.”

Brid is also the Vice President at the Kerry Campus of the MTU responsible for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

“Advancing EDI activity is an area I thoroughly enjoy. I have had the privilege over many years to work various individuals and groups who have championed this agenda. Within our work environment it is critical that we build an inclusive environments where women can thrive. I have had the opportunity to work with traveller and ethnic minority groups in the area of education access, disability groups and advancing their opportunities to engage in sport, and women in ethnic minority groups who have been survivors of domestic violence looking to rebuild their lives.”

Brid is a Director of the Kerry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre, an organisation she has volunteered with since 1994. Brid was also the first female Chairperson of a GAA club in Kerry and one of the first females in Ireland to be elected to the position of Chair of a GAA Club, a role when held for over a decade. Brid also served as an elected councillor, the first female of her chosen party to be elected to Tralee Town Council. Married to Robert, she has three boys Jack, Harry and Paddy,

“As we celebrate International Women’s Day, all of us should remember the opportunity we are given to positively impact on and influence the women of the future. This years theme of IWD is ‘Choose to Challenge’. As leaders this is what we need to encourage and make sure that these challenges are posed in a positive and constructive manner. We need to show that anything is possible, to encourage female colleagues to try new and different things, to challenge the conventional and to be confident in their own self-belief, views and opinions.”

We should encourage others to challenge the status quo, broaden their horizons, seize opportunities and take risks. All of these actions develop ones’ resilience.”

Finally in the words of Albert Einstein remember – ‘Strive not to be a success, but rather be of value!’

#IWDResilience #ChooseToChallenge

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