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Anne Wright, IADT

Anne Wright, IADT


Anne Wright, Lecturer, Creative Computing, IADT

Anne Wright is a lecturer in Creative Computing in IADT, specialising in Software Development. Anne considers her role in lecturing as an opportunity to inspire and motivate each and every student she meets.

I have the pleasure to work in a very unique institute. The inspiring students, colleagues and clients I work with and the collection of innovative projects I have partaken in is the reason I love what I do.

"I am passionate about computing and I get great satisfaction from learning new technologies. However, the most rewarding part of my role is the fact that I can inspire, support and learn from every student, colleague and industry client that I meet.”

Anne is an advocate for promoting equality and gender balance in education and industry. She sits on the IADT’s Athena SWAN SAT committee, and is a member of the Irish Network for Gender Equality in Computing (INGENIC) and Women in Technology and Science (WITS).

She is passionate about encouraging women to consider computing as a career. She runs outreach initiatives with secondary school students to promote computing and to encourage gender balance within computing education and industry. 

Anne’s recent work in this area includes leading the HEA funded project  “INGENIC - The Collective Voice for Gender Equality in Computing”. This is a collaboration between IADT, GMIT, Maynooth University and other higher education institutions. The project will ensure a united approach to data gathering and analysis in the area of gender equality in computing.

Being a mother of three and working full time means life has its ups and downs. Anne acknowledges that she works on building resilience and taking care of her mental health.   

“I am fortunate to have the constant support of my husband and family. We are a strong close-knit family that are truly there for each other.

"For me, staying strong and being resilient during the COVID pandemic comes from being honest about how I am feeling. Strange as that may seem, simply saying “I’m having a bad day” is quite empowering, and this honesty has always been met with support.”

Outside academia Anne indicates that she is “making it through lockdown” by looking forward to her weekly jog and chat with her sister.

“Social interaction, a structured routine, my dog, yoga, good coffee and chocolate is what keeps me going.

"It is hard not being able to see the ones you love. I look forward to the day when I can meet my colleagues and students in person, when I can travel to a beach for dip in the icy water and when I can simply sit at the kitchen table for coffee and a chat with my parents and family”

#IWDResilience #ChooseToChallenge

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